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Centers for Disease Control

1600 Clifton Rd

Atlanta, GA 30333




The Centers for Disease Control has been notified of a possible contamination / outbreak in the Monroe County Indiana Karst, underground stream and quarry subsystem.  The contamination appears to be viral in origin and bears resemblance to the H1N1 virus, possibly in a mutated form.

Genesis of the mutation has been tracked back to PCB sites in the Greater Bloomington area in relation to the Westinghouse disposal site.  Possible PCB catalyzation of the virus in the presence of Westinghouse receptors has caused what is believed to be a super-bug with pandemic potential.

Symptoms of the outbreak include sudden and immediate drop in iron levels in the blood causing an urge to ingest blood and raw meat, reduction in blood platelets causing excessive bleeding from the eyes and ears, rage, dementia, anemia and eventual catatonia.  There is no known cure or vaccination at this time.

A boil order has been issued for all of Monroe County Indiana, and residents are urged to stay out of all stagnant or ground-fed bodies of water, especially those in the vicinity of the Illinois Central Spring system.  This boil order will remain in effect until further notice.

For questions or guidance, please contact the Centers for Disease Control at 800-CDC-INFO.