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Summertime in Indiana. When the thoughts of two young lovers turn to swimming at the quarries, a little wine in the back seat of a car, and later ... a night of roller derby. But the over-eager Chad (CHRISTOPHER ABERT) and his sultry squeeze Lola (LOTTA TROUBLE) did not heed the warning. Something green, mean, and unnatural has been unleashed. It’s in the water. And it’s hungry. That’s when love took a sharp left turn.

8 WHEELS OF DEATH is a story of love, roller derby … and a relentless hunger for brains. A creepy philanderer (JEREMY NO). A hapless medic (MIKE PRICE). A small-town sheriff (KELLY McBRIDE). A fed-up family (TOM HAROLD, TAMERA MARSHALL, IZABELLA BROWN-SPARKS). And of course, hot chicks in fishnets (BLEEDING HEARTLAND ROLLERGIRLS) beating the hell out of each other on a Saturday night. All collide in the world’s first roller derby zombie romantic comedy.


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